Design Whiteboard Wall Decal

Whiteboard Wall Decal Design Ideas

Whiteboard Wall Decal – With color Write Board Dry Erase Paint a wall or other surface to be painted on a large Whiteboard. With this color, you can create your own whiteboard on the wall. The color rolled on with a short haired roller and works on any wall paint, wallpaper and other smooth surfaces such as doors and hatches. If you want to create a magnetic whiteboard based twice with Interior Magnetic Board before whiteboard paint rolled on. Ideal for areas where you want to be creative, or places where you need to collect all to remember!

An unused space can be easily transformed into a large whiteboard wall decal or Scrapbook for example, notes, ideas, and planning in schools, offices and workplaces or homes. The paint can also be used outdoors or for renovation of an old worn Whiteboard.  The paint is available as white, transparent, black and in a version that can be broken into any color. The transparent color can be used for example when you want to keep the color of a previously painted wall.

The black color can be used whiteboard wall decal in night clubs, restaurants and the like together with neon or white pencils. Several versions available, including one with less odor and emissions. Depending on the design and documentation is writable surface for 1-3 days. The paint is applied with conventional roles, often enough one coat depending on which surface to paint on.