What Is Limestone Flooring

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After Limestone Flooring

Limestone flooring – The limestone floor can be a good option for home owners looking for good appearance and resilience. While limestone floor not as hard as marble but limestone floor can last a lifetime with proper care. Despite being a more expensive option than ceramic other materials, limestone durability often offsets the additional cost.

The limestone flooring is hard and durable making it a preferred choice and who want a stone floor that is cheaper than marble, but it can last a lifetime with proper care. Both the marble and limestone are formed of the same material, calcium carbide, which was created from compressed ocean bottom shells.

It is best to leave the installation of the floor for professionals since the ceramic or limestone floor slabs are heavy and must be handled with precision. If they are damaged during installation, it will require a professional service repairs, costing potentially more than the original cost of installation.

The limestone flooring resistant strains, therefore, the hashes made upon it can be easily cleaned with water. It should be sealed properly each year, especially if the floor is outside and exposed to moisture. A sealer will also provide more protection against stains, making it to be virtually impervious to any kind of damage. Clean these floors are simple when maintaining a regular cleaning and wiping it with a mop and mild detergent.

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