How To Make Your Own Wall Vinyl Decals

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How To Make Your Own Wall Vinyl Decals – Decorating the walls of a room can be an expensive venture if you limit yourself to a framed wall art. Think to achieve the decorated walls every room in your home with your own vinyl wall decals. You only need a few inexpensive supplies from the craft store to reach the statement. You do not even need artistically inclined, if you can get an overhead projector and a printer.

Project design your vinyl wall decals wall paper from the roll. Paper rolls can choose the design of virtually any size. Use two sheets of paper related to wider patterns of rolls. Put down a sheet of contact paper to the cutting mat with masking tape. Using more than one sheet of contact paper on the design size you require.

Tape design vinyl wall decals down from the top of the contact paper. Cut out the pattern, using the image as a template, with a knife. Cut through both paper and contacts when you do this. Peeling the support of the contact paper from the corner and stick wall construction. Use the squeegee out any air bubbles from under the sticker, you can gradually peel and stick decal. Continue until the entire decal stuck on the wall.

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