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Pretty Wall Quotes Decals

Wall quotes decals – To decorating wall quotes decals kid rooms with Lillo and Stitch is easy. First, place a base coat of paint on the walls. Choose baby blue to emulate a beach, island or ocean theme. Choose red, yellow or tan sand if you plan to use decals or a limit instead of a mural. Second, decorate the walls. Paint an island tike or beach scene, if you want to go with a full mural. If you prefer the sparse decorations, add seashells, hibiscus flowers and other island motifs associated with images of characters, among others. a. Lillo, Stitch and their family and friends.

Third, replace nightstand and dresser knobs with coordinating buds as hibiscus flowers or seashells. Adding other Hawaiian theme or Lillo and Stitch themed accessories to bring the room to life. Fourth, install curtains and bedding that matches the themes of wall quotes decals. Choose Lillo and Stitch themed bedding or mix and match coordinating colors to create a bright and colorful bedroom set.

Fifth, add touches that make the room more like Lillo’s. Lillo’s bedroom has glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. Lillo’s bedroom also has photographs of her friends and family and other things on the walls. Reproduce the same information in the bedroom to create a more authentic feel. Last, tie in Hawaii and “Ghana” themes in the conduct of vinyl wall quotes decals on the walls. Clarify “Ohana means family,” “Ahola” and “Lillo and Stitch” on various parts of the walls.

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