Vinyl Flooring Planks Floating

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Vinyl Flooring Planks That Looks Like Wood

Vinyl flooring planks – floor house is one of several constituent elements of the architecture of the building, its existence is absolute, essential so that will shape the identity and character of a home or building. Structurally generally composed of floor slab reinforcement (pedestal and field) and combined with concrete mix.

In general, floor covering materials that are widely available in the market can be divided into two categories namely: a layer of natural floor coverings and floor coverings made in layers. Now in choosing the type of flooring, this day has come vinyl flooring planks is a current trend.

Vinyl flooring planks is very practical to change the look of the room. Underneath there is glue that is glued on the layer of stucco or tile floors. If you’ve bored you just take it off and replace it with another motive. Installation is very easy and can be performed alone. Maintenance is very easy. Almost the same with tiled floors, this material is very strong, fireproof and water that are also used in many public buildings. Vinyl is widely used as an alternative to the parquet floor as it is cheaper and termite resistant. Vinyl flooring is available in vinyl tile (box or square) and vinyl sheets (rolls / rollers).

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