Up To Date Wallpaper Interior Trends 2014

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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Wallpaper is more than paint which is painted finishes. Now is coming wallpaper interior trends 2014 to change your mood into happier than last time. If your home is not added wallpaper yet, this is your time to get new experience with various wallpaper interior designs. The designers may look for the way to present ‘wow’ factor without any additional decoration such as tiles, expensive fabrics but wallpaper does a grand job to reach it.

You are actually suggested to play the theme because it determines what pattern of wallpaper interior trends 2014 you are going to apply on your wall. Meanwhile, it should be adjusted to your room style. If your room is small indeed, it is better to install wide pattern wallpaper within repeated style. Then, the color is depending on your room scheme whether it is bright or darker that you have to adjust the color of wallpaper to the wall paint.

In other case, you should also be careful when your room is wide enough because it should not be applied whole of wallpaper interior trends 2014 on the wall. It will make your room look so dirty and unsuitable maintenance. Therefore, you have to divide the space into half that the wallpaper is applied to the bottom half only. To create cozy room, it is available a wainscoting wallpaper with similar effect of combo. Crown molding can be added to perfect your wide room to appear less cavernous.

Another option is available as well for you by the improvement of digital printing of wallpaper this year. You should not be afraid to express your style through applying wallpaper interior trends 2014 which is more modern than former design. It is no more flowers only but it comes with various wallpaper interior design ideas such as vertical strips and other unique patterns which have never made before. Vertical wallpaper is perfect choice for narrow room that it gives illusion of height.

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You are suggested to avoid horizontal stripes for fear of appearing wider that you can understand now if small room should applied vertical patterns to make it seems roomier. In this case, you are allowed to coordinate the wallpaper interior trends 2014 with windows. Wherever you place the wallpaper, you can go big and bold without committing to too much. So, you can coordinate the window treatment to the wallpaper for dramatic effect to reach overwhelming larger room.

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