Unique Window Treatments For French Doors

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Unique Window Treatments For Door

Unique window treatments – A French door has a window from top to bottom, and some are all of the glass and the other has a wood lattice is called a mullion lying on top of the glass. French doors bring light into the house and can separate rooms without closing off light.

They allow for a modern, open floor plan while maintaining a sense of privacy. French doors are beautiful without window treatments, but if you’re worried about privacy, you may want to do some sort of covering. If your doors leading out to a deck or patio, you may also want to check out some of the sun’s glare, which can damage and fade furniture.

Unique window treatments for French doors, a strongly patterned fabric, with flowers or stripes take too much. To get them noticed, try an unusual and inexpensive fabric. Buy a big canvas painter drop cloth. It looks like big screen, but cost much less. Cut the canvas size and sew a house on the top and bottoms.

Attach two thin curtain rods at the top and bottom of each door and sheers and stretch in between. For rent in extra light, photo every curtain in the middle with a coordinating sash. Just use some of the extra canvas to make a wing for each door.

Frosting glass inside the French doors give you a different type of unique window treatments that still offer some privacy. You can buy frosted doors or you can do it yourself. Glass frosting kits are available at hobby and craft stores. You can cover up every single window in the doors with frost, or you can purchase a stencil pattern and stencil frost. It’s fast, easy and affordable. Do not worry about making a mistake. You can scrape the frosting with a razor blade and start over until you get it right.

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