Ultimate Guide To Throwing An Awesome Coed Baby Shower

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Coed Baby Shower Activities

If you plan to throw a coed baby shower, you may find how it can be such a challenging task to do. However, it doesn’t mean it is impossible anyway. With many coed baby shower ideas you can explore, we have some great tips you can follow so the chance is you will rock the party, no matter what coed baby shower theme you pick. Here they are!

After all, for a coed baby shower, it’s very important to throw a party both sexes can enjoy. So, you can start from the invitations first. Keeping the guest list balanced just by inviting people who are close to both the dad- and mom-to-be is a great start. And since it is a coed party, it will be very important to make the invitation looks gender-neutral. We also highly recommend you to go for the more general party theme, so you can avoid the too frilly or feminine party.

What about the foods served in coed baby shower? Teeny weeny cupcakes and little quiches are indeed perfect for traditional baby shower, but we don’t recommend them for a coed one. In fact, you should avoid them. Instead, what about chicken wings people absolutely love? Pizza is also a great choice of food to serve in a coed party, as well as chips and dip—after all, they are no-fail hit for, like, all parties!

As for the entertainment, especially if you insist on having games to play for your guests, the important key to consider is to choose ones both women and men can play and enjoy. This way, the games for coed baby shower can be a great icebreaker. It goes without saying it can be very challenging. Thus, you may want to consider eliminating the games and opting for the truly exciting baby shower favors instead.

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