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Customize Chandelier Light Bulbs

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Chandelier light bulbs – Choosing the right lighting for a room is a big decision, because it can change the whole atmosphere. You can build your own chandelier using various light sources that you may already have around the house. Gather an assortment of light bulbs.  Ch...

Beautiful Wine Glass Chandelier

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Wine glass chandelier – The simple design gives the device a raw touch that seems both modern and decorative with its fun shapes and industrial look. The unique chandeliers inspired by old lamps that are put together to form new expressions with beautiful and quirky details...

Famous Murano Chandelier Glass

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Murano chandelier – Murano is the most famous island of Venice, Italy, because of that Island comes one of the most appreciated and famous glass in the world. Who does not know the beautiful works in glass created by the skilled artisans that make the Murano Island so famou...