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Curtains And Window Treatments Long Brown

Curtains And Window Treatments – Curtains, drapes, curtains and blinds can produce a clean, neutral or to provide a complete finish to your window or window background. In any case, the way you choose for window decorations gives rhythm to a room, adding pattern and color, light and shadow. As with the folds of a garment of fine cloth, you can fit almost any type of dress your curtains and window treatments to highlight it or to reinforce the style of the room.

Tips: -First determine which treatment is right for your room. Note that the light falls and think about how to use the room. -Considers using double curtain rod, so you have both a base all year closer to the window layer and a second outer layer, which can be easily changed with the seasons.

Choosing a color season, like flowers blooming in the garden. In winter, creating a cozier or more fabrics made with green metallic shades in warm or treatment. Heavier fabric help retain heat, and deeper color offer a respite from the cold winter palette. In spring and summer, an outer layer of the light allows you to open the curtains and window treatments to feel the breeze, the materials are generally solid and subtle, in simple fabrics, such as linen and cotton.

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