Timeless And Elegant Quoizel Chandelier

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Quoizel Chandelier Home

Quoizel chandelier – Founded in New York, is Quoizel known for their timeless and elegant chandeliers. Whether you are looking for a chandelier for your dining room, kitchen or bedroom, Quoizel has a chandelier that will fit your needs and style. In addition, Quoizel a series of energy-saving lighting for energy-conscious homeowners. Although it can be daunting to install a new chandelier, install a Quoizel lighting similar to installing most brands of chandeliers. Save yourself some money by learning how to install a chandelier itself.

For every quoizel chandelier according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Each Quoizel lighting is different and will require different installation instructions. Attach the chandelier to the bar with a wrench and the supplied hex nuts.  Stripping the ends of the wires in the new Quoizel lighting. Use wire strippers to remove the plastic trim about 1/2 inch from the end of the wires.

Make wiring connections between quoizel chandelier and ceiling electrical box. Match the black wires from the chandelier and the electrical box. Twisting the ends of the wires together and a wire screw nut over the top of the wires. Repeat with the white wires and ground wires.  Put the canopy to the electric field in the attic with a screwdriver. Switch on the electrical box in the ceiling.

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