The Way To Lay VCT Flooring

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VCT Flooring Ideas

VCT flooring – VCT or vinyl composite tile is a type of flooring material made of vinyl and fillers, including plastic and sometimes stone, which gives it a very tough, durable surface. Take off the trim along the perimeter of the room with a hammer and pry bar. Save trim so you can again use later. Divide the floor into four squares.

Spread the tile adhesive over the floor with a notch tiling trowel, covering 4 to 6 square feet on the center of the floor of one of the four corners formed at the intersection of the two lines. Press the first VCT flooring in the adhesive bordered by the two lines. Press another VCT tile next to it, so the edges are butted tightly together.

Lay additional tiles out first ones build outward. Add more adhesive as required. Put as many full tiles that will fit into the space. Allow full tiles to configure the glue for 12 hours. The measures each of the spaces on the circumference, between the edges of the full tiles and wall and cut tile with a tile cutter to fit. Put them with the cut sides facing the walls. Connect-install trims along the perimeter of the room with a hammer and trim nails. Your VCT flooring looks awesome.

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