The Overview Of Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

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Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

For those who want to integrate the classic look or the character to the painted and installed cabinets, or those who desire for making the stained wood cabinet darker, you can give them the antique and old appearance with help of colorant and the glazing methods as easy ways. Below will be explained more detail related to the steps of glazing kitchen cabinets.

Tips for glazing kitchen cabinets

Before starting the glazing kitchen cabinets procedures, you have to gather all materials and tool needed during the process. Yet, people normally do not have to take the hinges and doors off for glazing kitchen cabinets. However, it relies on the personal option is small amount of colorant or glaze on the hinges will not bother you. The materials used include the brushes, water based or the oil gaze, stain, colorant or paint, several lint free rags, and also paint thinner.

Start the glazing kitchen cabinets steps by darkening the light colored of wood cabinet by making use of the oil based glaze. Then, you can combine oil stain on chosen color to the glaze. Make some different mixes then apply the firstly on the inside of scrap cabinets wood or door for finding out what mix that suit the taste in glazing kitchen cabinets.

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