White granite countertops

The Care of White Granite Countertops

White granite countertops are a lot to be used by many homeowners especially the ones using marble materials because they could give the luxurious and elegant look for their kitchen room. If you have a modern themed décor for your home kitchen, then picking neutral colors as color shades for the room might be appropriate. Colors such as gray, black, white and metallic colors might be chosen a lot for this type of home decor especially since they display a simple look yet they could still function how they are supposed to function. This would work the same with the granite countertops that has white base.

White granite countertops should be cleaned regularly, but in doing so you couldn’t use normal cleaning products because it could etch the surface of the material. Granite is a perfect choice for a countertop material especially because they have high durability and the white color chosen for it would give it a great and rich look for your kitchen countertop. Because of the white color that it has, cleaning your kitchen countertops must be done regularly especially stains and other marks will be clearly visible on it. For proper care of it, mild cleaning by using damp cloth could be sufficient enough.

White granite countertops needs to be sealed with a stone sealant solution so that the formations of stain doesn’t stay on your countertops. When you are placing your metal objects on this particular kind of countertops, you would need to place them on top of a plastic tray so that they do not form rust rings on the surface of the countertop. This would apply the same as when you are placing hot objects such as pans from after you are cooking, place them on top of trivets before you set them on the surface of the countertop.