Superhero Wall Decals Ideas For Boys Decals, Murals And Stickers

Superhero Wall Decals

If you are looking for fresh ideas on how to design your boy’s room without having to spend hundreds in renovating their room, then you might want to try superhero wall decals. They are economical, yet will effectively change your kid’s room in a jiffy.

Superhero wall decals

If you think girls are fussy, then you haven’t tried dealing with the boys. They are subtle and certainly persuasive once they set their minds on to something. So instead of tearing the room apart to add anchors or boats (if your kid wants a ship theme room), superhero wall decals are excellent alternatives. You can turn your kid’s room into a pirate’s paradise by installing wall murals that depict treasure maps or coves. Some stickers can also be printed into custom-made wallpaper which can give the mural a 3D effect to it. If you don’t want a mural, then you can purchase wall stickers and just attach the stickers to the wall area of your choice.

Aside from pirates, you can also choose from several sports theme stickers. These decals are excellent for those boys who love different types of sports or are actively engaged in one. You can choose to have skateboarding theme, water ski, basketball, snowboarding or any other extreme sports that they like. You can choose to have a silhouette design or a vinyl one to get that cool effect. Colored ones though are preferable as these bring the design to life.

If you have a younger kid, then you can do a superhero themed room. Young boys love superhero wall decals and what better way to express this than to decorate their wall with their favorite hero or villain as well. Popular heroes can be Superman, Iron Man, Batman, G.I Joe, Avengers, Spiderman and other comic book heroes. You can also use several popular characters such as Super Mario or Disney film heroes such as Toy Story or Nemo.

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