Stylish Rectangular Drum Shade Chandelier

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White Rectangular Drum Shade Chandelier

Rectangular drum shade chandelier – shade chandelier often come in all sizes and shapes, making items versatile in any decor. While many ceiling lamps are a desirable design focal point for a room, sometimes they are not attractive. There are many ways to make covers for ceiling lamps to combine practical light with decorative style. With a few instructions, basic crafting skills and simple do-it-yourself materials make it possible to transform a ceiling light from a detriment decoration to a design attribute.

Create a rectangular drum shade chandelier with a designer look with a decoupage technique. Purchase a hanging, glass-screen style at any big box store. Shade that have a more open, funnel or circular shape are best as they provide ample space for paper decoration. Place shadow on art paper, and trace it to make a pattern for paper decoupage.

Use art paper as a template to cut a paper screen shape from wallpaper, gift wrap, scrapbook or a tissue.  Varieties that are translucent are best for allowing light to shine through. Add a layer of hard-layer decoupage glue inside rectangular drum shade chandelier, and press paper into place. Use one or two additional layers on top of paper. After it dries, hang in shade on a hanging fixture for a cute ceiling lamp with maximum styling.

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