How To Paint Striped Wall Decals

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Striped Wall Decals White And Black

Striped wall decals – As always we emphasize in all our post is important not to get carried away by the rush to paint everything quickly and protect everything that is likely to be stained with paint. To do this, use cardboard, tape and plastic covers everything. First you find the colors that are going to paint the surface, and we will use lighter color background made to subsequently apply the darker color.

Striped wall decals, you curb the areas you want to protect, therefore, with a round brush you cut the angles and bond areas. When we need to make vertical stripes taped with masking tape, this is not always easy because it can be twisted or out of different sizes. To do this, use a board with centimeters the size you want to be the bands and brands will make up and down on both sides and put the tape pushing to be set well on the wall.

Striped wall decals, it’s time to paint with the darkest color the area that you have defined with the tape. Let dry and remove protections. Finally let the paint dry, you will remove the masking tape and other protections that you have put in the room.

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