Store A Flower Chandelier

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Flower Chandelier Design

Flower chandelier – Learning how to pack a flower chandelier properly will save heartache to find or missing pieces. To put a chandelier in storage can be a disaster if not done with care.


Turn the main source of power to the chandelier. Turn the power switch, and then set out to ensure that there is no power going to the chandelier. Use a sharp ladder and help to remove the chandelier from the ceiling. Cap wires with wire nuts.

Choose a box size that will accommodate the flower chandelier, boxes of light bulbs and ornaments and adequate packaging materials. Remove the bulbs from sockets and place in a small box. Wrap each lamp separately in a cloth or paper to protect from breaking. Place a label on the box that indicates the content. Remove ornaments, such as crystal beads, ornaments and wrap individually in the box to prevent breakage.

The contents of the box label. Personal preference will determine which method is used.  Attach the foam base in the bottom of a large box. Setting the flower chandelier in the center of the foam. Place the bag of screws and extra boxes on the sides of the large box. Fill the box with packing popcorn. Place another piece of firm foam over the content. Close the lid of the box. Rock box to ensure the contents are packed properly.

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