Steps To Do It Yourself Concrete Paint

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Concrete Paint Colors

Now is perfect time for you to express your lifestyle through changing concrete paint. It may change your mood into brighter and full of laugh and happiness. You should not hire professional one because here you are provided how to paint concrete do it yourself. There are several ways to make it true as your personal choice for surface color on interior and exterior. Painting concrete is not so hard to do besides it does not need priceless task.

The first step is cleaning the surface of concrete by removing any existing paint and sweeping the area in order that you can easily doing concrete paint well. You are suggested to prepare the tools for finishing this step such as a power washer, a scraper, and wire brush for removing everything on the concrete. To clean it, you should use soap and water while to removing the dense, you should us TSP. Then, it is time to wait the surface becomes dry completely before you do the next step.

The second step is applying concrete patch. It is aimed to fix any major defects including cracks, gouges, and uneven surfaces. In this case, you have to read carefully the manufactures instructions in order that the surface is confirmed proper drying time for the patch. Then, the next step to do concrete paint is sealing the concrete to prevent moisture which is coming through the cement. It is aimed to improve the resistance to the bad weather, water, abrasives, and also stains.

After you have finished sealing the concrete, you have to apply the primer to it for ensuring the strong of adhesion of paint. In this step, you are recommended to follow the instructions again to substantiate the application and drying moment. In that case, you also apply two up to three thin coats of concrete paint. You can use a brush or roller to allow for drying time among the coats. Finally, it is drying time for at least 24 hours before you move in the items into or near the painted concrete.

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These steps are available for interior and exterior concrete paint project that you can do it by yourself whenever you want to limit the budget for another necessary. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to the instructions of concrete paint that it should need patience to paint. In addition, you are recommended to stain the concrete to protect and preserve including walkways, patios, basements, floors, driveways, and garages.

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