Star Wall Decals White

Star Wall Decals for Kids Rooms

Star wall decals – Bedroom space themed wall decorations can be some of the most dramatic and exciting. You can start your little space astronauts from the right by painting the entire wall of dark colors resemble the vastness of space. It is not only open things up, but leaves room for all the white stars, colorful planets, and rocketing space he wanted.

Using star wall decals, you can find space-themed vinyl wall decals in every shape and size. These wall stickers peel and skin immediately, without glue or adhesive, and leave no mess or sticky residue behind. Outside the chamber wall decor can be removed and repositioned by your or your child, creating different scenes between, galaxy, solar system and each and every time.

And a mural astronaut to the spacecraft control star wall decals is available for small space travelers put you right in the pilot’s seat. Outer space wall stickers come in galactic space theme window, giving the illusion of looking out the window of a spacecraft and seeing a colorful array of planets and star systems. A child a few strategically placed portholes and control panel wall stickers later, and a bit of your own ship running from the comfort of her own bedroom.