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Square Kitchen Tables That Seat 8

Other tables may come and go but square kitchen table will always be in fashion. Not only is it a classic design that has been passed down to us over the centuries, but it is also very practical for a number of reasons. So no matter how many round, oval or UFO shaped kitchen tables find their way into manufactures catalogs, there’ll always be a place for right angles.

With one or two notable exceptions (King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table), square or rectangular tables have been important in history because they allow someone to clearly assume the role of head of the table. In days gone by, the cooking area and the eating area were often the same. The head of the table, the head of the family, was immediately identified by their position.

With this in mind, square kitchen table and rectangular tables can also comprise drop leaves which allow for easy extension of the total surface area, and can even convert a square table into a rectangular or oval one. Rather than having separate leaves that need to be stored apart and fished out every time they are needed, drop leaves on square tables are always ready to be used. It’s an appreciable difference when friends drop in unexpectedly to be able to welcome them around the table immediately.

One of the more popular models of square kitchen table is the butcher’s block model. This is distinguished by having a massive wooden top, just like that of a classical butchers chopping block. Supported by four sturdy legs, butchers block square kitchen tables are a useful solution for two to four people to eat at. A square design makes it that much easier to fix the legs solidly into each corner of the tabletop so as to increase robustness and to lengthen the overall lifetime of the table.

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