Spot White Oak Flooring Ideas

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Living Room White Oak Flooring

Spot White Oak Flooring Ideas – When choosing your spot for white oak floors, keep the tone of the original color of the wood in mind. If the wood seems to have a straw yellow color shade, choose a stain with yellow or golden hues. If the white oak looks browner, choose a predominantly brown stain. Regardless of what color the stain used, its white oak should accept stain well, since it is an ideal wood for staining open grain.

Wet a sponge in hot water. Clean the white oak flooring with damp sponge and let it dry. Arena oak with sandpaper grit 220, following the direction of the wood grain. Clean the oak with tack cloth to remove excess dust. Dip a paint brush on the stain. Paint stain on the white oak. Let stand for a few minutes.

Wipe the stain of white oak flooring with a cotton cloth. Determine if the color that remains is as deep as you like, and apply and remove more stain in the same way if you decide you want a deeper color. Try a small area of ​​the floor of white oak to see if the stain is selected creates the desired results. Apply a finish on the floor of white oak once the stain has dried.

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