Some Guides Of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing To Know

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Usually, kitchen is the place that you visit few times or more in a day. However, not all people take care of the kitchen condition. Some of them may found some broken and old appliances within your kitchen. If this happen to your cabinet, actually you need kitchen cabinet refacing and it doesn’t always deals with calling service. We will share you the kitchen cabinet refacing tips in simple steps.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Simply Steps for Best Result

There are some steps for kitchen cabinet refacing to pass based on our guide. In starting having kitchen cabinet refacing you must glue the plywood on its exposed sides. Next, cover the existing stiles but you have to measure all rails and stiles first. After it has been finished, you can press down such veneer after sticking on the stile. Now just reface the cabinet by using utility knife.

After finishing one to four previous steps to do in kitchen cabinet refacing, take your time for covering the rails. Remove the veneer trimmings carefully so you will get smooth finish in this step. Next, it is the time for hanging the doors and using the screw for sticking it. Finally, add pulls and knobs to the cabinet and finish all of the drawers.

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