Some Features Of The Vintage Baby Cribs

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New Vintage Baby Cribs

Many people have baby cribs in the house. Of course this is for the babies to have proper bed. Among the styles of baby cribs, some people choose vintage baby cribs. Vintage never goes out of style. You can still enjoy this style and apply in many items you have although it was used some decades ago. Either vintage or traditional style of baby cribs, all of them have features. You need to learn baby crib features so you know which one is the best.

First, when you buy vintage baby cribs, you need to avoid the one that has drop side gate. Drop side is a feature that allows the gate to be pulled down so your baby can go out of wooden baby crib. In fact, there were many death cases because of this drop side. Baby still lacks of sense of being careful. When they play with the drop side gate, it could be dangerous for them. This is much better and safer to pick the stationery gate that cannot be pulled down forever.

Even if you want to have vintage baby cribs that have one gate to be pulled down, you can choose the single drop gate. It means this is only one gate that can be pulled down in small portion. Do not put the gate that can be pulled down entirely. It could danger your baby so much. Many parents choose this style so they can put and pick the baby easily.

The last one is to find mattress support in any of your vintage baby cribs. If you want your baby has good quality of sleeping, you can try looking a crib that has feature to lower up and down the height of the support. The support is usually made of metal. It can be pulled down and pushed up by a tool. So you need to find the one.

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