Smart Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Door

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Alternative Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door is a door made of glass, and being opened and closed by sliding it. This door usually connects the room to the outside, or makes access from a room to the outdoors with garden, fresh air, pools, or just a natural view. Having this type of door brings some effects to the room; the light, sense, and simplicity. So, knowing these effects, the sliding glass door needs smart window treatments. Choosing window treatments for a sliding glass door is a challenge. We should consider first the effects of the door to the room, the utility of the door, the utility and the influence of the window treatment given.

One of the effects of having a glass door is the presence of natural view. Seeing this effect, we should choose a window treatments for the sliding glass door which is easy to open and close, especially to show the natural view on the door when it is needed. The curtain can be good idea, because it does not block the view, and easy to open and close. We can also choose the good pattern and color to beautify the door frame.

The other effect and also becomes the benefits of having sliding glass door is its natural lights through the glass door. The light can go through the glass door and the windows so it will give the room more and more lights in the daylight. Thus, we do not need more lighting especially in the daylight. Good window treatments for the sliding glass door should really pay attention to this effect. We should set a treatment which has utility in controlling the lights. Choosing between the curtain and blinds are the alternatives. In this case, blinds are the best choice to control the lights.

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By considering the mechanism and utility of the sliding glass door, we may not choose the window treatments which disturb the utility and access of the door. One of alternatives, we can use tiebacks to cinch curtain aside to support door function. We can also consider the mount top window treatments for sliding glass door which is high enough above the door frame, so it does not brush heads when the door is passing through.

Those are some considerations and alternatives that we can use as the smart window treatments for sliding glass door. The window treatment and the sliding glass door should work properly and support the utility each other for our comfortable room.

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