Single and Double Sink 48 Inch Bathroom Vanity

With top and without, you can find best designs of 48 inch bathroom vanity both with single and double sink. For small and medium sized bathrooms, this is a good one. You will find many fine references of best designs offered on the market. Choosing the right one for small bathroom is crucial. Make sure not to choose one that takes too much available space. Multifunctional design with storage extra is recommended to get rid of clutter and make overall bathroom maximized in design and functionality.

Small bathroom vanity ideas are meant to cope with limited space. Wall mount or floating single sink vanity has been around as one of latest trends of furniture cabinetry. Gosh, I love the wall mount vanity cabinet with bowl sink especially in glass.

You will need to install 48 inch double sink bathroom vanity in case you have small bathrooms. Yep, great design with more functionality can be enjoyed. Styles are offered in different choices. More counter space means more storage to place bathroom items. Accessory set can be placed and even candle holders if you like to see some antique lighting on it.

No matter what style of your bathroom whether traditional, rustic or modern, you can be sure to find most exquisite choice for an improvement. When it comes to material for the vanity counter tops, granite and laminate come as most popular choices. Others like soapstone, glass and wood can also be a great choice.