Simple Installing Tongue And Groove Flooring

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Tongue And Groove Flooring Hardwood

Tongue and groove flooring – Installing flooring tongue and groove is a common DIY project for homeowners. To do a clean install work, you do not need a lot of tools or skills; and the project can be completed in a weekend. Floor board’s tongue and groove has a tab (extension) on one long side and a groove (slit) on the other. These two parts are joined together like pieces of a puzzle for installation of simple wooden floor. The result is a beautiful wooden floor that will enhance any room.

Tongue and groove flooring is product used by contractors to install a subfloor on joists frame. Subsoil adds stability and provides a basis for the finished at the top of the same floor. Tongue and groove plywood is particularly useful in applications where the ground is covered with resilient flooring, tile or carpet that is less than three quarters of an inch thick. The tongue and groove flooring design eliminates the need for locking between the floor joists that are normally required to provide a firm basis for products thinner floors. Plywood comes in a thickness of three quarters of an inch in 4 by 8 foot sheets. Wear safety glasses when using power tools. Helmets and safety boots must be worn at all construction sites.

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