Simple Ideas For Distressed Chandelier

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Round Distressed Chandelier

Distressed chandelier – It seems untrue that such a simple material can give so much play. However, there are many ideas that inspire copper pipes when it comes to recycling. Today we are going to make a pendant chandelier, but ideas to reuse this type of metal pipes are many. And no wonder, because copper has a really decorative appearance, with that special pink color and its shine off. Do you dare to get down to work?

To make this great distressed chandelier you will need several things, although none are so rare as to give up. First thing you have to look for is a copper pipe. You will need approximately one meter, although we will leave to your choice size of candlestick and thickness of pipes. Choose it according to your preferences.

You will also need: T-shaped copper pieces and curves for assembling different parts of pipe, plugs, rings and copper-colored chains to be able to hang ceiling distressed chandelier, metal adhesive, plugs and screws, candles and decorative plants , etc. As for tools, you will need a drill, a saw or a tool to cut copper, polishing sandpaper or a specific tool. You can also attach a polishing disc to drill.

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