Simple And Elegant With Sliding Glass Door

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A sliding glass door is a door made of glass, and being opened and closed by sliding it. This kind of door is also knows as patio door. This door usually connects the room to the outside, or makes access from a room to the outdoors with garden, fresh air, pools, or just a natural view. A sliding glass door is usually a unit of two panel sections. One of the panels is fixed and the other one can be moved to close and open by sliding it. Another design, a wall which has size as large as the door will be the pocket door and completed by one or more movable panels.

Some important parts that need to be considered in setting the sliding glass door are the glass door frame, the gliding mechanism, and the locking mechanism. Sliding glass door frames are usually made from wood, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or steel, which can hold the glass strongly. The gliding mechanism can be a set of glider which holds the upper part of the glass door. Replacement parts are also commonly used for the moving-sliding the door.

Now, why should we choose the sliding glass door rather than the other types of door? Here are some benefits. First, sliding glass doors provides great space to allow larger objects to move in and out of the room, such as beds, sofa, cupboards, tables, selves, and so on. It is because the sliding doors usually about twice wider than the regular entry doors. Besides, it is very simple in use – only by gliding, and does not need more space to open and close like the traditional door.

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The second benefit of having sliding glass door is that it give the room extra natural light. The light can go through the glass door and the windows so it will give the room more and more lights in the daylight. Thus, we do not need more lighting especially in the daylight, which also means that it can really save the energy. Third, sliding glass doors make us feel that we have more space. The sliding glass door is like mirrors which gives us optical illusion of more space in a room than actually exists.

For the aesthetic aspects, the sliding glass door can also enhance the room aesthetics. The natural light flowing in can be good lighting for you interior design. The view from the outside can also be the decoration from your room. Since the glass doors allow you to see outside, it can help us take care of garden, weather, or the children playing through the doors without joining them. So, by finding the benefits of having sliding glass door, it is good to set it in our house.

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