Simple And Beautiful Victorian Window Treatments

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Victorian Window Treatments Swag

Victorian window treatments – Many people like decorating styles Victorian. Window treatments Victorian ranging from French country style to sleek modern shades. No matter what style you like that there is a Victorian window treatment to go along with your decor. You can buy these window treatments or even make them yourself if you can make up a pattern or find a similar pattern at your local fabric store.

Use a simple strip of lace to hang in your window to Victorian window treatments. Look for lace that has a complicated design everywhere, but is narrow in width and is finished edges to keep you from having to hem them. Use spring tension rods to hang curtains inside window frame instead of having to install any hardware. It keeps look simple and beautiful.

Combine what curtains you want in your home with traditional Victorian window treatments shutters on outside. Some southern Victorian have shutters on inside of windows for added protection from elements. Shutters just fit windows and are very simple. Most have no carving decorations, louvers. Paint your shutters a color to match inside or outside decor of your house. Add a flower box to outside of your home to compliment shutters and add a more Victorian look to your window treatments.

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