Shabby Chic Window Treatments Ideas

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Awasome Shabby Chic Window Treatments

Shabby chic window treatments – One of the areas in the home where the functions shabby chic style best is the windows. Shabby chic window treatments set the tone, creating a color theme, style and pattern that you can expand to the rest of the room with simple furniture choices. The advantage of this style, it is dominated by transparent fabric, bright colors, faded patterns and vintage pieces that make for an eye-catching looks without blocking natural light.

A quick shabby chic window treatments can create a packaged set or repurposed material is a cafe-style curtain, typical of a lightweight, soft fabrics such as cotton or muslin. The curtain should be shorter than the window frame. Place the curtains of a simple curtain rod, such as a slim piece of wrought iron painted antique white, located about halfway down the window. Natural light can then come in through the top of the window, and the transparent fabric.  Go to a casual and crafty style by reusing old tea towels, pillowcases or an apron in soft pink, pale pistachio, faded cornflower blue, lavender or antique white. Faded patterns work as well, especially flowers, stripes or paisley.

The shabby chic approach favors an unstructured, incompatible look. To perform this aesthetic of casually hang a large quantity of loose sheer fabric over the curtain rod, it is possible to extend far beyond the bottom of the window frame and the ends of the waves on the floor. If you need more privacy than sheer fabric presents, use muslin or poplin instead. While velvet is pretty formula for shabby chic, a light version work for shabby chic window treatments.

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