Shabby Chic Girls Room Chandelier Ideas

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Beautiful Girls Room Chandelier

Girls room chandelier shabby chic style becomes a darling way to pump up the feminine power in a small girl’s room. Retail prices may be on the high side, but you can tone down the price point by doing it yourself. Be on the lookout for flea market bargains and shop in second-hand shops to find a chandelier that has been waiting for you to come and give it a second life. Put your creativity to make a chandelier to light up a little girl’s life.

Look for girls room chandelier with a functional luminary, or one that you can easily take on a lighting kit if you want the chandelier to be functional. Don’t passes over an object that can be a bit dented or missing a few dangling crystal-like pieces, after all, that is what makes it shabby and creates a canvas for you to turn it into something chic.

Remove light bulbs and lampshades. Take chandelier outdoor and lay it on newspapers. Spray paint the entire girls room chandelier antique white for a solid background. Paint all surfaces, including copper which keeps lights on the chandelier have them. The goal is to turn the entire chandelier white, so when you add jewelry pieces and trimmings colors pop. Select a fabric lamp shades that coordinate with her bedroom or her favorite color. Make a template to recycle the existing lampshades or buy plain mini chandelier lamp shades.

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