rustic kitchen island diy

Rustic Kitchen Island for Eye Catching Furniture Piece

Generally, the rustic kitchen island is built in knotty surfaces, roughen wood, reclaimed materials which can make the shabby chic addition to kitchen in the term of kitchen island. When it comes to the rustic kitchen island styles, it is characterized with blemished and aged wood as well as the visible seams and exposed beams.

Tips for decorating rustic kitchen island

The presence of rustic kitchen island can add the rugged detail to the kitchen decor. This can help enliven your kitchen. Also, it can establish the lived in look and time worn. The rustic kitchen island materials can be salvaged or the raw wood, hand craved details, and many more. To emphasize the rustic style, you can create this kitchen island by yourself in home with the reclaimed countertop on the old table and the painting its base in burnt yellow, orange, green, or brown.


Also, you have to choose the woods which are indigenous to your regions. The rustic kitchen island can be made from birch, pine, rosewood, and oak. However, you can also select the custom kitchen island in rustic style which can create feel and look of kitchen to be more personal. However, the choices depend on your taste and the need of kitchen decor.