Restoring A Vintage Crystal Chandelier

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Vintage Crystal Chandelier Ideas

Vintage crystal chandelier – Chandeliers can add an air of elegance to a dining room or foyer, but the condition they remain in can make or break room. In order to restore an old chandelier, there are three things you need to accomplish. First, remove and clean all crystal pendants and parts. Then re-brass finish of the chandelier. Finally, ensure that the cables are safe for your home. Before you begin, take several digital pictures on the chandelier, so you can assemble it properly.

Fill your sink with warm water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Work up lather with your hands. Look carefully at the crystal pendants in your vintage crystal chandelier. Hook all crystals of the same size. Wash them in soapy water, rinse under the tap and dry with paper towels. Place them in a separate location before going to the next set of various sized pendants. Repeat this process until all crystal elements have been removed and cleaned.

Turn off the circuit to the chandelier. Remove all the lights from the chandelier, wash and dry them as you did crystal pendants. Remove the roof cover from the chandelier with a screwdriver, exposing the wires. Disengage wire nuts and ground wire. Determine the type of metal finish you work with. Brass is most likely to be a vintage crystal chandelier. Apply a thin layer of brass polish to the metal surface. Let it dry, and then polish with a clean, soft cloth to remove tarnish. If corrosion has occurred, apply a layer of paint stripper with a brush, leave for an hour, then scrub with fine steel wool to remove the case.

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