Recycle Plastic Bottle Chandelier

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Bottle chandelier – See the light on plastic bottles and recycle them in a whimsical lighting to illuminate your green home. Use an existing ceiling fixture – increased recycling – and collect bottles from your home. There are stunning designer water bottle crowns presented at trade shows and home design galleries. They can serve as inspiration for your own simple or advanced version so you save twice: once on the money you spend for a new chandelier and back on the amount of waste you send to landfill.

How to recycle plastic bottle chandelier, cut the bottom quarter of quart-sized soda or milk bottles, leaving the spout end intact but set no caps aside for another project. Be precise incision lines; get them quite yet. For a less eclectic appearance, all use the same type bottles.

After that to recycle plastic bottle chandelier, attach each wire to a lamp holder, follow the instructions to the socket. Separating the strands of each wire on each side of the socket, scale one inch of wire coating off each end – use utility knife for this – and wrap raw wires around the posts on the socket. The lines with the smooth coating to go to the brass screw, and the lines of ridged coating on the silver screw. Tighten the screws to hold the wires tightly to the socket.

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