Product Of Glass Door Hinges For Main Component

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Glass Door Hinge Adjustment

Sometimes, the glass door cabinet cannot perform as usual because there is component which is broken or old. Hinges will influence the performance when you open your door. That is why glass door hinges should be the best one for last longer and bring good performance. Chrome is the materials that will make the hinges bring good performance. There is several cabinet hinges style with high quality that you can choose for your glass door component.

Inset hinge

Inset hinge is suitable for glass door or acrylic one that will gain good performance. It is manufactured from steel material which will create durability. Then, the finishing of this hinge use chrome for perfect appearance. This glass door hinges has manufacture for glass which has thickness about 4-6 mm. the dimension of glass door 450mm width and 700mm of height with maximum weight is in 4kg/pr.

Overlay conceal hinge

The overlay type of hinge which is come from chrome material complete with modern system. Make sure that the glass you have is about 4-6 mm. Free swing technology has been added with self-closing which is effortless and timeless on your commit. To support this glass door hinges you may buy the mounting plates because it is not included. The conceal hinges will work on your glass door perfectly by right installation.

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