Paint Ceramic Tile, How To DIY

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Rust Oleum Ceramic Tile Paint

If you have your ceramic tile looking boring then you could just always change that color. You can make your look of your tile looking very new look with by paint ceramic tile. It is possible to paint your tile since you should buy latex pain as the major products of paint that you need and you need to buy some equipment’s. Here are some products you need to buy for your DIY project!


Plan to paint ceramic tile actually need some preparations for the equipment’s. Besides, you also need to know the step of how to do that. So, the first thing that you need to do is clean your ceramic tile. You can sand the tile and clean the dust. To sand your tile you can sand that by synthetic grit sandpaper for (180-220 grit). Then, you can remove the dust by damp cloth to make easy paint ceramic tile.

After that, we move to the main step of paint ceramic tile. You need to add primer before you start to paint color on your ceramic. Basically, you can apply one coat of a bonding primer and let it dried. Then, you add second coat paint ceramic tile by acrylic latex wall paint and it needs two coats of that. To make that become hard surface you need to add the coat of Epoxy paint.

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