Neat Ideas For Kitchen Window Treatments

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White Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen window treatments – Kitchens are often regarded as the core of home, full of cheer, realism and character. Bring the same elements for windows with creative window treatments. Decorating the windows in the kitchen is an excellent opportunity to bring in patterns, colors and textures from elsewhere in space. Take inspiration from dishes, tablecloths and tiles.

Break with the traditional by combining interesting fabrics with creative curtain rod replacements. Whimsical beads, if a homeowner cannot find the ideal kitchen window treatments in the store, there is no reason why a simple curtain cannot be updated with a whimsical treatment at home. For kitchens with a combination of vintage and modern elements, bring the room together with a simple, light-catching beaded treatment. Include a variety of beads along the bottom and edges of the plain curtains.

Arched valance, sometimes a countertop will feature only a single window. Bring height, weight and importance of the single window with creative kitchen window treatments. Better Homes and Gardens website proposes to make the window a focal point by topping it with an arched valance. A curved treatment adds height to the room, making the window more prominent in the room. Choose an elegant fabric that brings together the colors used throughout the kitchen.

Color banding, many homes are decorated with a great room concept that bridges the kitchen, dining area and living room into one large space. In these rooms, it may be difficult to design rooms so that every spot individual purpose is reflected. One of the best ideas is to tie the windows in every room along with similar kitchen window treatments. Hang simple curtain rods at the same height in each of the rooms. This will allow all of the windows appear to be the same size.

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