Nautical Window Treatments Ideas

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Popular Nautical Window Treatments

Nautical window treatments – Nautical interior design is often simple and clean, making them easy to convert to window treatments. This can be as simple as adding seashell decorations for existing curtains or as streamlined as to add colored window film to an unadorned window. Even quirky treatments, such as interior shutters, require little effort. Quiet nautical window treatments are attractive in their simplicity.

Adding seashells to ordinary nautical window treatments makes for an instant nautical makeover. Large seashells can be hot glued in front of the curtain rods and tie-backs to create marine inspired window ornaments. Light and breezy curtains few easy with muted colors of seashells while still promoting a beach design. Starfish can be attached to the outside of the swags or the center of the curtain rod to provide a window processing more interest. A grouping of seashells could also adorn a natural bamboo valance to turn a window into a nautical statement.

In many cases, stunning sea requires the simplest of window treatments. Window films are easy to use and allows for minimalist nautical window treatments, in which less preferred for more. Tinted window film in translucent shades of blue are especially reminiscent of ocean settings and can be used on glass either in whole or in panels. A nautical window in which certain panels are covered in different shades of blue-transparent, while others remain clearly creates a subtle design. There are also a number of window film is etched with different nautical illustrations, can be used for windows in which more privacy is desired.

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