Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

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Simple Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

Modern kitchen window treatments – The first is cafe curtains; Keeping your kitchen, bright and airy possible with the use of Cafe curtains. When hung in the horizontal midsection of the window, Cafe curtains let enough natural light while giving you enough privacy. Open windows allow breeze to circulate without drawing open the curtains. A pair of lace or sheer curtains Cafe brings in more filtered light.

Thin and materials made from cotton are lightweight, making them easier to take down, wash and hang. Avoid expensive materials such as silk, satin and velvet. Splatters stains and oil are harder to remove from these fragile materials. Second modern kitchen window treatments is plantation shutters; Choose shutters made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) instead of wood so you do not have to deal with painting or refinishing every year.  PVC shutters mimic the look of real wood without the expense and high maintenance.

Select 3-inch wide slats to let in more light and air. Hang them inside the frame for a smooth, clean appearance. Plantation shutters are ideal modern kitchen window treatments when you have a window over the stove. With plantation shutters you do not need to worry too much about splatters; they are also not as susceptible to burning compared to the curtains. Furthermore, plantation shutters complement any kind of design, contemporary, traditional or country.

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