Mickey Mouse Wall Stickers Bring The Magic Of Disney Into Your Child’s Bedroom

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Minnie Mouse Wall Stickers

If you are keen on interior decorating you have likely already come across wall decals. These wonderful creations allow you to customize a room in a matter of minutes. The minnie mouse wall decals is huge at over 3 feet tall it will transform a whole wall – very easy to apply and remove when you want to – great for rental properties! Pair Minnie with Mickey and you have a match made in heaven for your bathroom. Shower curtains feature the ears and come in a variety of colours, which you can choose a colour from to accent the whole room with towel sets, blinds and bathroom accessories. Essential to this bathroom theme are a white glove soap dish, black mouse head and ears soap dispenser. Let Mickey Mouse hold tightly onto your toothbrush and use the tumbler to rinse out after you have cleaned your teeth.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have long been household names encapturing each new generation of fans. A themed bathroom is not just for kids though as those young fans get older they do not necessarily grow up – remaining young at heart with a sense of fun. So, why not let that creativity and spirit of fun loose in the bathroom with a Disney makeover. Choose your favourite character and go crazy.

Start with a focal item such as shower curtain or Minnie bathmat set and let that choice dictate your colour scheme and theme for the whole makeover. Pink is a good start for a Minnie Mouse shower curtain or Minnie bathmat set. Although you will find a Disney shower curtain for Mickey Mouse featuring the strong colour scheme of red, black and white that is always easy to accessorize. You will find many bathroom accessories featuring the famous head silhouette shape – who does not recognise that shape and those famous ears. Stick on a pink bow and you have got Minnie too!

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Toddlers who are night-time toilet training will appreciate the addition of a nightlight and there are many different Disney designs to choose from including Mickey, Minnie and other clubhouse friends. Talking about the Clubhouse friends – there is a whole bathroom range including shower curtain dedicated to the clubhouse gang. Finishing touches for your Minnie Mouse bathroom makeover can include Disney blinds, embroidered towels, kids hooded towels hanging on themed door hooks, even a Minnie Mouse mirror.

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