Making Table From Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

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Antique Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood flooring – A great way to recycle hardwood flooring have been removed during a renovation is to build a table with flooring as tabletop. Connecting the floorboards tight and coating them with a layer of sealant makes floorboards smooth, attractive surface. The visible aging of floorboards gives it a distinctive look. This table makes a big dining room function, or it can be built smaller for a kitchen, side or end table.

Standby power consumption to 2 – 2 – 36-inch posts upright, and place them about 2 feet apart. Lowering a 1 – 4 – 32-inch board on top of them and move out of positions until they are even with the ends of the board. Drill holes through both boards, evenly distributed, with two holes in each post. Place a 2-inch wood screw into each hole and tighten them flush with the board surface. Repeat with a second set of posts and a 1 – 4 – 32-inch board. Arrange reclaimed hardwood flooring boards in the form of a 1 – 36 – of 60-inch table top, cut them with a saw as necessary to straight edges.

Turn the assembled tabletop upside down, and place the two overall positions on top of it, with the flat boards touching the tabletop and posts in the air. Arrange the flat boards, so they are evenly distributed and touching all the top boards. Drill two holes through the flat boards and into each tabletop board and use 2-inch wood screws to secure them in place. Adding an additional 1 – 4 – 32 inch boards evenly on the surface of the work surface if necessary to make sure all of reclaimed hardwood flooring.

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