Make A Beer Bottle Chandelier

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Beer Bottle Chandelier Big

Beer bottle chandelier – Empty beer bottles have to be thrown out, you can recycle them and make a stunning chandelier lights for your home. Hang it in your bar, games room or even the kitchen table. Sure to be a conversation piece, a beer bottle chandelier a unique decoration that helps recover and adds to your home simultaneously.


Collect several beer bottles. Try to either get a variety of colors and markings or all at one, your choice. A variety of colors look good with the light shining through the bottles because it creates a multi-colored effect. Or choose any one type of beer bottle so it matches the look and consistent design.

Wash the bottles out properly. Set up and down on a drying rack and allow drying for at least an entire day to ensure all the moisture evaporates. Buy a bottle crown kit. See the link in the Resources section for a website that sells a variety of these.

Mount the chandelier according instructions. Arrange the bottles on the chandelier. Make sure they are secure in their slots. If you use a variety of beer bottle chandelier, pay attention to the pattern or color design that you arrange the bottles. Place the bulbs in the middle of the chandelier frame. Assemble chandelier in the ceiling light fixture.

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