Lovely Elephant Baby Shower Theme Ideas

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We all know how adorable and loving elephants are. And that is why the elephant baby shower is a truly interesting and fun baby shower theme you can consider. It is especially true if you plan to have an animal theme for your baby shower party. Today, we will take you to see some interesting baby shower decorating ideas featuring the choice of elephant baby shower theme that can help making the moment simply fun for you and your guests.

When decorating your baby shower party, you can find there are many ways you can try to make the celebration simply exciting and vivacious. As for the elephant baby shower, it goes without saying that this animal character is the one to make the party simply fun. Looking at those adorably exciting elephant baby shower ideas, you can also see many ways to do to incorporate the character into the party.

For example, you can start from the table decoration for your elephant baby shower. What about using elephant miniature figures to adorn the table? You can also go for stuffed elephants to make the dining time during your baby shower more interesting. For simply adorable table decorating idea, we suggest you to consider adding the cute elephant character to, let’s say, plate design. Alternatively, what about ordering or making special napkins with lovely elephants adorning?

What about your baby shower cake? The elephant baby shower is not complete without elephant themed cake! You can simply order or make round or rectangular cake covered in sweet fondant or delicious frosting in any flavor you like with a lovely elephant to decorate the cake. Alternatively, elephant shaped cake will be a too cute choice to miss! And to make the celebration even more vivacious, you can use any elephant character from animation movies such as Dumbo for the theme too!

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