Living Room Window Treatments

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Casual Living Room Window Treatments

Living room window treatments – For many earn the living room as the heart of a home, a place to sit, relax or entertain. How you design, your living room windows can greatly affect the room’s overall feel. Window styles cover wide gambit considerations: You can choose between different frame styles, window treatment styles and even amongst the orientation and distance around the room.

If your budget does not allow you to install new windows, you can still harmonize your window styles with space by implementing simple but drastic changes in your living room window treatments. For a large bay window and an arched window, keep window treatments simple and gives the window’s unusual shape in the center. If you have a high window with an arched or rounded top, hang curtains from slightly below its peak. Leaving an open “crescent” will let natural light in without sacrificing your privacy.

If an exceptionally large bay living room window treatments too exposed to the outdoors, instead of hanging voluminous curtains, placing a removable privacy screen inside the window. Balance its relatively hard lines with other soft elements elsewhere in the living room. It is not difficult to manage with the help of sofas, rugs and throw pillows.

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