Light Or Dark Laminate Flooring

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Dark Laminate Flooring Tile

Dark laminate flooring – Your laminate color choice depends on how much traffic it will receive and how often you are willing to clean it. Extremely bright or dark colors tend to show dust and dirt earlier than mid-tone colors. Grain and pattern also contributes to amount of dirt will show. A laminate color with lighter or less visible grains cannot hide dirt and a floor with quite visible graininess. This may be less of a problem if your floor is located in an area with little traffic, however. Darker floors fade also slower than lighter shades because they absorb more light.

Study room’s color scheme to help you decide whether light or dark laminate flooring. If you are looking for a formal, elegant contrast to your kitchen with all-white cabinets and countertops, darker floors add that touch, keep a luxurious feel. Lighter wood bamboo-colored laminate contrasts well with metal or natural finish interior and can light up a room with a darker interior.

Different laminate colors give a different style to a room design. Bamboo and beech colors give a modern look, which can be very dark laminate flooring combined with furniture or cabinets with sleek, simple lines and reflective surfaces. Mid-tones such as oak or maple offers a more traditional feel, while mahogany or walnut add a formal, exclusive touch. Ultimate appearance also depends on how contemporary, traditional or rustic room design, color scheme and furnishings are.

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