Kitchen Bay Window Decorative Ideas

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Contemporary Kitchen Bay Window

Kitchen bay window – Highlight your kitchen bay window decorations. When decorating your bay window take into account your privacy. For example, if you live in a remote area, you may not want to cover your bay window with window treatments. Kitchen bay windows allow natural light to radiate throughout the room and add a decorative element in your kitchen.

If you like the look of a naked kitchen bay window, decorate the glass while keeping your personal information with window film. The window film comes in a variety of colors, styles and patterns; for example, use red window film with swirly lines or window film looks like stained or etched glass. You do not need special skills to apply window film. Measuring the bay window, cut the window film and “hold” on your bay window.

Creating a breakfast nook or seating area in front of your bay window. Choose a small table and chair set and place it next to the bay window. If your kitchen has ample space for a small table and chair set, choose a padded bench to place in front of kitchen bay window. This setting adorns the appearance of the window and create a place for you to enjoy your morning coffee in front of your window. Decorate your bay window with paint or stain. Choose interior paint or stain in a color of your choice and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions to trim around your window. Take into account the colors in your kitchen, like your decorative colors and your existing stain colors.

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