Keep Your Baby Safe With IKEA Baby Cribs

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Are Ikea Baby Cribs Safe

Babies are most likely to spend most of their time in their IKEA baby cribs, so comfort and safety are both important. You would also want to buy a sturdy one for your baby because they will probably sleep in children’s beds crib until the age when they can move to a real bed, about the ages of two to three. It is great to set up a crib for your baby a few months before the actual due date so that the task will already be taken care of and your baby can sleep in it as soon as possible.

When you are setting up IKEA baby cribs, you want to make sure that you have chosen a spot that is away from any windows and its blinds. Babies may get strangled on the cords, and older ones may even pull themselves up and then fall from the window. You could also tie the cord to keep it away from the reach of your child.

The baby monitor comes with a cord which could also become dangerous. Babies can get strangled by them if the monitor cords are placed near their crib. To avoid that from happening, you should use a wireless baby monitor or keep the cords away from the crib. There are several other safety considerations that you have to be aware of if you are purchasing and setting up IKEA baby cribs.

You should not get IKEA baby cribs with drop sides. The drop side poses a serious hazard towards babies because it can detach or come loose and the baby could either become entrapped or strangled and will suffocate in the space between the railing and the IKEA baby mattress of the crib. Avoid having any cribs with fancy decorations as it might trap the arm or neck of your baby.

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