Italian Chandelier Styles Interior Lighting

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Beautiful Italian Chandelier

Italian chandelier – For a relaxed atmosphere to your home, add Tuscan influenced lighting. With extensive use of wrought iron, Tuscan lighting fixtures add a rustic flair that works well with antiques, wooden floors, terracotta tiles and colorful bedding. Chandeliers made of black wrought iron create a stately focal point of a dining table. Gold Tuscan furniture is useful and to add a touch of sparkle to an otherwise totally relaxed design.

For a real modern look, Murano glass lighting fixtures are unparalleled. Often one-of-a-kind pieces, Murano glass creates a clean, modern feel to the design. With a multitude of colors and varieties, Murano glass lighting range from elaborate Italian chandelier and ceiling fixtures for simple side table lamps and sleek accent light. Murano glass is made with traditional glass blowing techniques using glass and gold powder to create individual works of art.

Foscarini is a prominent designer of modern Italian lighting. Heavily influenced by metal and sleek lines, Forscarini also utilizes glass, wood, aluminum, textured glass and Kevlar. Strong, clean lines with many geometric shapes have a prominent place in these patterns. Bright colors such as red are used to provide energy to a room. Italian chandelier may have a multitude of shimmering glass tiles while pendant lighting can contain a simple metal shade for visual effect.

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