Installing Rustic Wood Flooring

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Amazing Rustic Wood Flooring

Installing Rustic Wood Flooring – Rustic floors or aged wood are increasingly popular with homeowners, then recreate that simple, casual and cruder style of the old floors. The rustic style is a classification used in the flooring industry to denote a wooden floor that falls between the natural classification of highest quality and the crudest floors qualifying taverns or cabins.

To install rustic wood flooring authentic rustic or aged classification, start inspecting wood. The classification rustic floor is sold in packages of various sizes stacked tables. Make sure your packages have approximately the same number of long, medium and short planks. When you have the packages you want, sort the wooden planks. This will also allow you to examine the color and vein of the wood, and also fix the boards so that the color and veins match or complement. Harden rustic wooden planks before installation. If possible, stack the boards in the room in which you install and separate the layers by placing thin strips between each timber to allow air circulation.

To install rustic wood flooring plank placed parallel to the first focal point of the room, like a long wall that is the first thing you see when entering the room. Use flumes 2½ inch or reproduction nails that appear to be hand-forged ordered from a store that specializes in historic hardware store. Insert the nails flush with the surface or use a nail to be inserted just below the surface without leaving “hammer marks” on the surface of the face of the boards. The crudest edges and visible spaces are part of the charm of rustic wooden floor, but some people want a rustic look without those spaces that tend to accumulate dirt and are common in this type of story.

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